Why Have You Been Reported as a Spammer on Instagram?

One of the biggest problems that many users who automate their Instagram accounts is the risk of spamming. When it comes to spam, you need to be careful otherwise you risk losing a lot of followers. Today we look at how you can use automation without seeming spammy.

Understand How a Bot Works

When it comes to automation, you first need to understand how Instagram works, and how the bot will work for you. When you understand the way the platform works, you can then relate it to the way the bot works as well.

You need to understand the process of following, liking posts and commenting. Remember that if you don’t do this the right way, you end up looking spammy, which kills the vibe and you end up losing followers.

Have the Right Bot (Or Know How to Use It)

The right bot automates the process via mimicking how humans engage on the platform. However, you will find some bots that don’t consider this and go ahead to dump likes or followers without any care in the world.

What you need in this case is to make sure you evaluate the various bots so that you choose what suits your needs. The good thing is that Spire has made it easy for you, and has gone ahead to review the different bots so that you don’t have to go through the list.

Post Relevant Content

You need to know that the right kind of content drives engagement; the wrong kind makes the engagement look spammy. With the right kind of engagement, your followers know that you are getting more likes on the post because you have high-quality content.

If you use poor content, followers will wonder why you are getting the high number of likes on such a post, and they won’t find this amusing and will opt to unfollow you because they will realize that you are spamming them.

It is the worst first impression you can give any follower, and it is also a huge waste of time, money and energy because you failed to deliver content that justifies the reaction of your followers.

Let us take an example of a car; if it is not well tuned up, you won’t enjoy its speed regardless of the kind of fuel you use. So, make sure your profile is well designed before you use bot rocket fuel on it.

The better you execute the various content that you are allowed to post on the platform, the more effective the bot works for you. Anything else and you will end up looking spammy and lose followers.

Get the Right Audience

So, which people on Instagram get to enjoy your content? Who finds the information you post valuable? Which hashtags do they look for? Who do they love to engage and follow? The better you know your content, the more effective your bot can work to give you the results you want.

This is especially better if you wish to convert your interactions into followers, which also translates into a faster growth for you.

Know When to Automate

You need to know when to automate and when to put the bot on manual mode. Knowing when to automate is all about making sure that you find the right time when you have to increase the rate of delivery, and when to cut down or stop completely. Take time to know how the bot works before you go ahead to use the features.

In Conclusion

When it comes to automation, you need to be careful not to falter; otherwise, you end up looking spammy. What you need to do in such a case is to make sure you understand the way the Instagram algorithm works, and get the perfect bot for the task.