Top Tips to Attract Your First 300k Instagram Followers

Hands-down, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks that you can use to build a large following. Having a huge following is a priority for both individuals and brands alike.

If you have just started on Instagram, you are looking at a few measly followers, but with the right hacks, you can achieve 300,000 followers in just a short time.

Pick a Creative Theme and Stick to It

Like you have a personal identity that you stick to, you need to come up with a consistent theme. Choose a voice and use the voice to make you known to the audience.

Everything you post needs to have the same voice. If you decide to make people laugh, go for the humorous voice. With consistency you keep your followers engaged. If you have an inconsistent voice, you will lose followers fast.

Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

Make sure you post at least once each day. You cannot grow your audience if you don’t post on a daily basis. Followers come to your account expecting content at a specific time.

Remember that each post you put up is supposed to attract new followers. Once you post, your followers need to leave comments. Most of the followers will tag someone else that they feel might appreciate the content that you have posted. If these people connect to the content, you gain new followers.

Geotag Your Posts

Geotag your content – photos and videos. Geotagging is all about placing a location on the posts so that users can relate to them. This way people that are at the location can see the meme about the post and start engaging with it.

Know When to Post

Do you remember when you used to post something on Facebook, and you would get less than ten comments in 24 hours? Well, it is because you used to post at a time when no one was online. What you need to do is to know who makes up the audience and what time they are active.

Instagram statistics shows the times and days when the audience is active online. This is the right time to post your content because the users will see it and react to it. Post your best content at this time so that you get the highest level of engagement.

Make the Content Shareable

Not only should the content be interesting, but it should also be shareable. The content that you need to post should be useful and relevant to the niche. The users should be able to repost the content on their accounts. Those that repost the content make it possible for others to follow you.

The content that is shared should have a watermark on a small part of the image so that you don’t block out the useful content. Watermarking the pictures will tell the people who to credit for the content should it be shared. People will screenshot and repost the content, so you need to protect the original designs so that you get the necessary exposure.

Buy Some

One of the ways to be Instagram famous is to buy followers. Buying followers attract more to the account, which makes it more pleasant for others. Income Artist takes you through the various steps to become Instagram famous, follow the tips to your advantage.

In Closing

Becoming Instagram famous is all about getting thousands of followers in a very short time. It doesn’t take long to understand that being Instagram famous requires you to follow a few best practices. Your content is all that attracts people to your profile; make sure it is relevant, interesting and shareable.