Three Things To Remember When Writing An Essay

Whether you’re in high school or College, you’ll be all too familiar with the certain task of having to write an essay at some point. Some people love writing essays and would much rather do this than take a test – but for the rest of us, writing essays can be hard and challenging. Sometimes the instructions are ambiguous, or the topic is a particularly hard one to gather information on, resulting in stress and panic. Here are three things to remember when writing an essay to make it a bit easier and get you through those initial doubts.

Thesis Statement

So you’ve got your topic and a couple of ideas around it. What next? How do you take all those abstract thoughts floating around in there and order them into a readable essay that you can turn in? A thesis statement is not only a requirement of an essay but its essential. A thesis statement communicates to your reader what the point of your essay is. To break it down and prevent any anxiety around this part, let’s look at it in two parts. The first part of your thesis statement states the topic of your essay, and the second section indicates the point of the essay. So firstly you simply say the subject that your essay is going to be about, then you state precisely how the body is going to explore this topic – break it down so that your reader knows what they can expect to read.

The Introduction

Now that you’ve got your thesis statement, you’ll be able to write your introduction with a bit more ease – you’re already halfway there. The opening is a further breaking down of your thesis statement, describing in precise detail how the points that your essay is going to explore in particular. It’s best to start your introduction with something that is going to grab the reader’s attention and get them interested in reading more. This can be something like a simple single sentence of information that is shocking and unexpected, or a piece of dialogue around your topic, or a story. Whatever icebreaker you choose to lure them in and get them hooked, make sure it ties in nicely with your thesis statement, which is, in turn, going to be the last sentence of your introduction. It is best to try and relate these two things as closely as possible – that’s why it’s good to work on them together.


Let’s skip right through the meatier parts of the essay to the bibliography. All other aspects of the essay are essential, as the body and conclusion, but the bibliography is one of the most critical parts, especially when it comes to getting a good grade. This technical aspect of the essay is imperative to being able to show your ability to write an essay. If you’re completely stuck on how to write a bibliography, there are some fantastic resources online to help you do this. For an annotated bibliography maker check out Writing Sharks – they have everything you need to get help producing an A+ bibliography.

Essays are one of the more mundane parts of high school or College, but they’re worth getting right because, if done correctly, they can be a surprisingly easy way to get good marks and bring your GPA up. There are right ways and wrong ways to write an essay, so make sure you’ve done your research properly before you even start, so you know what you’re getting into before you’ve yet begun to write.