The Benefits of Using Bots to Schedule Your Tweets

Too many tweets yet too little time? Don’t worry; you can use a Twitter bot to schedule your tweets so that you can save time and spend the rest of the day engaging your followers.

The right Twitter bot, according to Fred Harrington,  allows you to schedule the time you want the tweet to go live, delete the schedule, modify it and even use the schedule across different Twitter accounts.

So, what do you gain from scheduling your Tweets to run for a certain time?

You are Always Available

Scheduling your Tweets can help free up your time and make sure that your Twitter account is always active even when you are away from your PC.

You Grow and Maintain a Brand Voice

Do you understand your brand voice? Is it slick and professional or fun and cheerful? Many marketers have a challenge identifying their brand voice, and when they do, they don’t know how to maintain it. By scheduling your Tweets, you have enough time to work on your brand voice and make sure it is consistent.

For example, when you set aside a few hours each day to write content for the week, you won’t just come up with any tweet; instead, you take time to craft the perfect content that matches the brand goals. This time forces you to sit down and scrutinize the personality of your brand. Coming up with 20 or 30 tweets at the same time gives you the consistency you need to maintain your voice.

You Become More Creative

If you do it properly, scheduling helps you to be more creative. If you are coming up with several tweets at once, the chance of repeating some tweets is low. You will easily notice any repetitive tweets that you create, which in turn prevents you from saying the same thing over and over again.

When reviewing the content that you have written, the repetitive tweets stick out like a sore thumb.

Additionally, if you sit down to write the tweets at a go, you get into a creative flow that allows you to be focused, creative and dedicated to coming up with content that is unique and that connects with your audience every time.

Reduce on Distractions

Social media is one of the biggest time wasters, especially when you use the sites for business. You might intend to hp onto the site just for a minute, only to come off 5 hours later with nothing much done.

This is a struggle that is real, and with so much to see and scroll through on the platform, you end up spending a lot of time on the site.

Scheduling helps you avoid all the distractions that come with sitting on the platform each day. All you need to do is check back after every few hours because the posts have been well taken care of.

With scheduling, you end up with more time on your hands to create the best content for the next week.

Be More Strategic

Your business can grow some more if you have a social media strategy. This strategy helps you handle several Twitter accounts without having to log into each account individually. With a working strategy, you are bound to send more traffic to your website, which builds the conversion rates as well. A strategy is also about the kind of content that you share. Sitting down and planning the posts helps you handle your Twitter accounts much better.

The Bottom-line

You can use bots to schedule your tweets the right way. Make sure the bot that you choose offers this feature so that you can enjoy all these benefits.