Zojirushi NYC-36 20-Cup Commercial Rice Cooker Review

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Zojirushi produces rice cookers for the full range of their potential applications, from country kitchens to big-city restaurants. When you’re feeding more than a family of four, you want to ensure that you don’t run out of something as basic as the rice component of an otherwise spectacular dish. Leaving your clientele waiting for their meal on account of running out of rice isn’t going to make a good impression, and worse: it means you’ve got to keep other foods warm in the meanwhile, or else delay their preparation. With a pair of NYC-36 rice cookers from Zojirushi, you are almost guaranteed to never have to worry about that happening.

Twenty Cups Dry. Noah’s Ark Cooked.

This 20-cup rice cooker from Zojirushi is packed with great features, such as a durable, wear-resistant stainless steel housing and a twenty-cup dry capacity that makes for forty servings of rice in each batch. It also has a manually operated “keep warm” setting, ensuring that premium, optimally cooked rice stays right at the perfect temperature for as long as you need it to – all the better to ensure that your dinner guests are happy and satisfied, as quickly as possible. With two of these cooking away, you’ll even be able to handle the unexpected demands of that sudden dinner rush!

Hefty Capacity in a Modest Package

For as much rice as it holds, Zojirushi’s 20-cup rice cooker is surprisingly modest in size. In no dimension does it even reach two feet, meaning that you’ll be able to fit it onto almost any available counter space. If necessary, it can be packed away when not in use; it offers safe-grip handles, which will stay cool even while the cooker is in operation, adding to the convenience of its size and portability. Do you cater? Unplug the cooker and take it with you; as long as you keep it sealed, it will do an amazing job of keeping heat trapped in side, ensuring that your rice stays warm during transit.

Nobody Likes That End-of-Day Cleaning

From its stainless steel exterior to its patented interior, the twenty-cup rice cooker can be promptly wiped clean of virtually any stain or spill. Surprisingly little elbow grease is needed to keep it in premium working order and optimal appearance. Once cleaned, if it needs to be stowed away from the evening? Its modest size – coupled with the lightweight materials used in its construction – translate into a quick and painless process.

A Real 20-Cup Workhorse

Once you’ve tried this whopper of a rice cooker from Zojirushi, you won’t want to be without it – we guarantee that. From sticky sushi rice, to white and brown rice, and long grain rice… or, rice pudding, rice-based soups, rice and beans, or rice with steamed meat or vegetables… this rice cooker handles it all, and keeps it fresh, warm, and sumptuously moist until it’s ready to be consumed. No matter what you throw into it, the cooker will heat it evenly and thoroughly, and cleanup at the end of the day remains a cinch.

What We’re Thinking, Down at the Office

Sometimes, you need to feed an army. When that time comes, you want this workhorse of a rice cooker in your kitchen, producing delicious and wholesome rice – with all of its flavor and nutrients intact. With a pair working side-by-side, you’ll always be able to free up one or the other for when that sudden rush of customers arrives – making it far less likely that you’ll run out of rice than if you were to spring for, say, a single cooker with a thirty- or a forty-cup capacity. Zojirushi’s name means quality, worldwide, and you aren’t going to find a much better option than their NYC-36 model rice cooker.