Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Essential Series

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Essential Series Review


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Product Description

From the type and size, to the features and price, there are several different combinations of pressure cookers out there on the market to choose from. Many of the newer model pressure cookers are found to have some type of display screen on them and more buttons than ever before. Some pressure cookers can double as slow cookers, depending on how they are set up to operate. This can be a great feature to have when cooking something different each and every night.

Features and Design

This pressure cooker, or oven, has become a great alternative to the bulky originals with the same features and more, because it is twenty percent smaller than the originals. It can work as an oven on your countertop with five functions that include warm, bake, toast, broil, and roast. KitchenTek, the manufacturer of the Puck pressure cooker, offers another version with the rotisserie, but this one does not have that feature. The bar, located to the right of the door handle, goes up and down from standard to seal, helping seal in the pressure or release the door seal for opening. The three nobs, and push open button are large enough for anyone to use.

The Strengths

Being able to double as a slow cooker is a noticeable feature when ordering. It has brought joy to many households with not having to have two separate appliances to slow cook and to pressure cook. It is large enough to hold a ten pound turkey, guaranteed. The price, at $200, is a fair price for the extravagant features that you receive with this pressure cooker, as some consumers have stated. It may not have the rotisserie, but that is an unneeded accessory and the pressure cooker works splendid without, recounts another consumer. You definitely want to look more into this one if you’re searching pressure cooker reviews.

The Weaknesses

The Wolfgang Puck brand name is known for some of their fabulous products, however, when it comes to this unit, some consumers have found some faults. One fault that has been noticed is that the unit’s manual says it is perfect for a 12 to 14 pound turkey. Some consumers have noticed that this is not always right as their 11 pound turkey would not fit. Other complaints are regarding the oven not heating up properly after almost a year of use, and that the pressure cooker works, but not as well as stated in all of the advertising.

The Outcome

Many consumers rave about how flavorful their meals have turned out to be with this unit. It is also half the price of the other Puck unit that does feature the rotisserie. Weighing in at an incredible 24 pounds, approximately, this pressure oven can definitely tackle some of the most difficult recipes that you can find. The three knobs and easy red and green lighting helps to create a feeling of ease when using. This unit should definitely be on any list of potential pressure cookers for your home.