Seneo Wireless Security Video Baby Monitor

Seneo Wireless Security Video Baby Monitor Review


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Product Description

Once you reach the age in your life when you have had children they become the most important thing in your life by an absolute mile! You would do anything to protect them and thankfully nowadays due to all the new technology that is out there this has become easier than ever. One of the most popular ways of keeping tabs on your baby whilst you may be busy doing something else like watching TV or gardening is through baby monitors. These incredible pieces of kit have been around for years but they have only really come to the fore with the clearer cameras and sharper sound of the 21st century. Today we will be looking at one in particular, the Seneo Wireless Baby monitor and seeing just how clever it is!


What are the features? 


This baby monitor is jam packed with clever features which will ensure your baby is under the best of care even when you are not there. First up, it uses remote monitoring so you can keep in touch from anywhere. The Seneo operates on a 2.4 GHz static free digital wireless transmission, and it can cover distances of up to 900 feet in open areas, so it doesn’t matter if you live in Buckingham Palace you will still be able to see your kid! Privacy is obviously a big issue with regards to cameras and children and this is no problem for the Seneo. It uses encrypted wireless signals and doesn’t even allow any interference from phones or microwaves. There is two way audio so the built in speaker and microphone will allow you to communicate even when rooms apart and a night vision mode which allows you to use the built in LEDs for viewing and recording live video in darkness. The final impressive feature I am going to discuss is the fact that this machine has a built in noise reducing function. It will only automatically open the screen when it picks up the noise of your baby and not that of a dog in next doors yard. Yet another worry put to rest!



What are the positives?


You won’t find as many features on a regular camera let alone a baby monitor! The huge array of extremely clever features mean that the Seneo is one of the best monitors on the market.


What are the negatives?


As expected via the glowing report above, you will struggle to find any bad points about this baby monitor. It works so well that I’m considering getting one and I don’t even have a baby! The only minute complaint is that the instructions can be slightly difficult to read at times.


What’s the conclusion? 


If you are in the market for a baby monitor then go and buy this one. It does everything you could want it to and so much more, and you will be able to sleep easy knowing your youngster is safe and sound in their bed. This is the recommended selection by Grounded Power.