Mr. Heater MH15T Outdoor Propane Heater

Mr. Heater MH15T Outdoor Propane Heater Review


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Product Description

Having a later fall outdoor party may seem as though it will be impossible as the cooler temperatures are settling in. However, you can turn that cold party into a heated wonderland of fun with an outdoor patio heater. Patio heaters were designed to heat up a certain area around the designated location or where the heater is placed. Many of them come ready to set up under an umbrella or underneath a patio table. However, there are some that are as easy as plugging on an attachment and setting up in the center of the yard for a better choice of what areas to heat.

Description and Details

The MH15T is a small attachment that is placed on top of a propane tank. It is for outdoor use, or for open areas. It is manufactured with stainless steel and is a gas powered source, of course. The total weight of the attachment is approximately three pounds. There is only one burner head and it produces anywhere from eight thousand to fifteen thousand BTUs per hour. It has three different temperature regulation settings which are low, medium, and high. If the propane tank is ever tipped over, there is a safety valve that can be shut off. It is currently CSA certified.

The Positives of the MH15T

Concrete buildings are really hard to keep at a certain temperature as when it gets cold outside, the inside does the same. Some consumers who have purchased this product have used it inside of concrete buildings, in small office like areas, have found it the ideal heater. Others who have purchased this item and used it outdoors have also raved about the heat it produces within a five foot radius. Lawn parties and other gatherings during colder times have been saved due to heaters like the MH15T. Visit for more information on this patio heater and others.

The Negatives of the MH15T

Many consumers have found this product to be cheaply made. When attempting to replace or repair it, there were no available parts and the rebuilding always seemed to fail. The back of the unit tends to overheat causing concern as it is close to the propane tank. There are several other complaints regarding the construction of the MH15T. Many claim it was not manufactured very well and that it could be potentially hazardous to the surrounding people. Other people have experienced the knob breaking off that controls the heater. Aside from the heating issue, consumers have also complained about the heat element stopping abruptly and not operating properly.

In Conclusion

If you’re throwing a get together outdoors during the cooler months you can rest assure that an outdoor patio heater would be appreciated by your guests. However, choosing the correct one might pose an issue. When considering which type of patio heater suits your needs, measure the area or know approximately how bit of an area you intend to heat. This will eliminate some patio heaters, while others will shine as perfect options such as the MH15T.