Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Sewing Machine

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Sewing Machine


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Product Description

Whether you’re a professional or just want to sew like one, the PC420PRW is chock full of amazing features and accessories to make your work look better than the rest. You get over 294 built-in stitches and just in case those aren’t enough for your creative mind, the unit lets you design your own stitches with Brother’s exclusive My Custom Stitch feature which stores your custom designs in the machine’s memory for reference at any time. That’s not all, there are eleven presser feet available for finishing, working blind hems, taking on monograms, quilting jobs and more. You might have guessed that all of these wonderful options, and more, are going to cost you a pretty penny to own and at a retail price of $370 it certainly isn’t an inexpensive machine. But you’re still getting a great value for the money considering how much versatile functionality is available here.

Switch From Stitch to Stitch

The PC420PRW has been programmed with over 294 stitches to choose from, unless you want to create your own. The My Custom Stitch feature allows you to build your designs but if you would rather rely on the multitude of preset options you have a wealth to choose from including 67 utility, 31 decorative, five cross stitches and 26 total satin stitches. The machine’s backlit LCD display features an easy-to-use stitch selector that allows you to view all of your settings, stitch length and width, and the type of presser foot you want to use for your selected stitch.

It’s Totally Automatic

There is a near boundless array of automatic features available on this Brother. Threading is super simple with the unit’s automatic needle threader, just follow the numbered threading diagram printed on the machine and the threader does the rest as your thread is sent into the eye of the needle.  You also get a bobbin winding system that goes to work once the thread has been positioned properly. At the touch of a button the PC420PRW winds the bobbin all by itself and you’re ready to get started. When you’re done the programmable automatic thread trimmer snips the upper and lower threads at either end of your stitch job. It’s almost like you don’t even have to be there!

Summing Up

With so many features and accessories, the Brother PC420PRW might be too much machine for some consumers. But there’s no denying it’s impressive user interface, automatic features, wealth of programmed stitch designs and of course, there’s also fully adjustable sewing speed. This is one of the more impressive Brother sewing machine reviews on the site because of just how many capabilities and spiffy bells and whistles are available in this model. Everything about this machine is forward-thinking from the ability to custom-design your own stitches to the super bright, LCD lighting in the needle area for shedding much needed light on your fabrics when other lighting might be unavailable. So this is a great unit to have backstage at the theatre.