Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Review

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Product Description

The BBL605XL takes everything you know about blenders and redefines it in a way that makes us wonder why no one’s thought of this idea before. There are features galore here, including five-speed control and pulse function, a handy LCD timer, and single touch operation. This unit also intuitively maintains whichever speed you choose for a consistent blend that won’t slow down or speed up in the middle of the job. But, perhaps, the most innovative aspect of the BBL605XL is the design of the blender jug which is perfectly rounded at the bottom like a bowl. They’ve shaped it this way so every ingredient within has no choice but to slide down right into the cutting blades – there are no corners or crevices for items to get caught in which means there are no lumps or chunks to miss the cutting mechanism.

There is No Escape

All of your ingredients will meet their delicious end at the bottom of the BBL605XL because the folks at Breville made an astute observation. They realized that when you place various ingredients together inside of any blender some are bound to float while other don’t. Since that’s the case, they wondered how to pull down what’s on top, while still effectively pulverizing and chopping what’s lying at the bottom. This conundrum was the culprit behind why some blenders over-process certain ingredients while others partially blended. Breville solved that problem with their Hemisphere blade system. It uses extra wide curved stainless steel blades that spin sweep along the rounded base of the jug which push the lowest ingredients up while vertical central blades pull the higher ingredients down.

Dangerous Curves

Dangerous for your unsuspecting ingredients, that is. The Hemisphere blender’s rounded jug design ensures that none of your food gets trapped and under-processed. No more sticking your finger inside the jar to loosen those ingredients out from underneath the blade mechanism. To make sure all of the ingredients are processed as you see fit, there are five speeds to choose from, including snow, mix, blend, liquefy, and puree, in addition to separate pulse, ice crush, and smoothie functions. No matter which one of these you select, you can feel confident that the BBL605XL will get the job done thoroughly and there won’t be any chunks or parts left untouched.

Summing Up

The Breville is much like every other blender but does everything just that much better. It comes with a user-friendly control interface, a large 48 oz. Eastman Tritan co-polyester jug with 6-cup capacity, and even features bright LED light indicators to show you which speeds are being used at any time. Surgical grade steel blades make short work of your food with their forward-thinking design and curved jug shape for even and thorough blending. There aren’t many drawbacks here and it’s well worth the higher price tag, with a retail cost of around $200. That may be a little bit out of many budgets but only you know whether or not a blender this expensive is a necessity for your home. If this one’s a bit too steep, check out the rest of our reviews at You’ll find great products for every budget!