Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron Black Review

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Now I will admit that I did use straighteners on my hair it unfortunately took me a while to find a look that suited me. This is why I quickly learnt what worked and what did not in the world of hair products. Some were amazing and did the job they were supposed to very well, and others were awful and made my hair look even worse than it already did. Now I don’t want you to have to go through any of this, so this is why today I am going to take a closer look at the Bio Ionic Nano Straightening Iron and seeing what it can do for you.

So what will it do for me?

This straightening iron is different to the normal ones you see in the shops. It incorporates a range of technologies that should ensure that your hair gets the best treatment it possibly can. First up is the fact that this set can reach temperatures of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and this means that it can easily tackle any thickness of hair, no matter how course it is. Also included in the straighteners is the silicone strip technology. These strips mean that they will glide across the hair without any tension or pulling which is really good when your hair is longer than average! The Ionic has another special feature which is really useful on those mornings when you are rushing around with no time to do your hair, and that is the fact that it will heat up in seconds. There is no worrying and waiting with this model! Another quite cool part of this machine is the fact that it is really light and it will ensure you get straight hair every time after only a couple of “passes.”

How big is it?

Whilst this product is not the smallest on the market, you will hardly notice it making a dent in your handbag. Measuring just 13 x 3 x 5 inches the Ionic will fit nicely no matter where you want to take it!

What are the good parts?

This flat iron has been described as magic by more than one customer who has used it. It has no problem tackling super frizzy, thick or wavy hair and it will make it smoother than it has ever been before. What you are getting here is a salon quality piece of kit without the extortionate price tag.

That’s all well and good but what’s bad about it?

Even with everything good that has been said about this straightening iron, some people have still moaned about it snagging on their hair as they try to use it. This means that it just misses out on being part of the Hair Straigtener Studio top list!

Wrap things up!

This is a hair straightener that will get the job done whenever you need it to. It will not keep you waiting when you need it most, and for the money you are paying you will get a lot more than you may have expected to!