Mistakes You Make With Straight Hair

Straight hair can look great when you want that retro look, but it can turn out to be a huge pain as well. Knowing what not o do with straight hair and making sure you have the best possible practices can make the hair healthy. Let us look at the mistakes you can do with your straight hair and how to fix the issues.

Avoiding Heat Protectant

If you are going to use heat on the hair, then you need to take this into stride. Don’t forget this step because you can end up damaging the hair in a big way. Look for a heat protectant that not only protects the hair from the use of hot tools but also moisturizes the hair. Remember that when the hair is moisturized, it won’t split at the ends. After straightening the hair, you also increase the efficiency of the heat tools so that it takes you less effort to style the hair.

Another concern that relates to this aspect is using a heat protectant that isn’t suitable for the type of hair. This means that you need to know the different kinds of hair protectants and choose the right one that suits your needs.

When choosing the right heat protectant goes for one that won’t weigh down the hair in any way. The hair needs to offer 24-hour protection for the hair up to a certain temperature.

How to Style Hair After You Blow Dry It

If you have naturally straight hair, you don’t need to go for blow dry before styling it. Let the hair air dry. If you are going to dry it before you style it, then you need to use cream to manage the natural texture of the hair. With this cream, you need to put off the use of the hot tools so that you can use a heat-free style.

Use the Natural Texture

Before you can make use of the natural texture, make sure you have a haircut that works for the texture; otherwise, you might end up with a boring hairstyle.

If your hair gets oily too fast, use a texturizer that makes your hair easy to style. If the hair doesn’t get oily, then use a volumizer to add texture and volume when the hair is going flat.

Give the Hair Enough Nutrients

As your hair goes each day, it loses its nutrients. When this happens, use a creamy conditioner that helps you get the nutrients back. Straight hair needs some help in elasticity. Don’t use oils for the hair because the oils don’t penetrate the shaft. Instead, use lipid-based oils because they offer nourishing benefits.

One thing you need to know is that the more products you use, the weaker the strands become. At times, less is better compared to more, because it makes it better to know what is working and what isn’t working for your hair.

Take care that you don’t use harmful products that might end up damaging the hair further. When straightening the hair chemically, you need to use a product that doesn’t give you damage to the already vulnerable hair. The hair product needs to protect the hair and improve it over time. This makes it easy for day to day maintenance.

Use the Right Brush

One of the mistakes many women make is pulling out the hair when styling it. Use the right brush to straighten the hair so that you don’t end up cutting the hair.  The right brush, as explained on Brushed Straight, helps protect your hair as well, and it takes less time to straighten the hair the right way.

After washing or conditioning the hair, you shouldn’t put the hair in a towel then try to brush the hair afterwards because it ends up in a knotted mess and you find it hard to disentangle the hair.

The right brush also helps prevent damage to the edges and cuticles, making it easy to protect the hair way into the night.

In closing

Take time to understand your hair type before you go ahead and straighten it. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but you ought to find the right brush to keep your hair straight and protect it from heat damage.