How to Get Him to Marry You

Well, for starters, a man’s lack of commitment doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love you, but it may as well be an indicator that he hasn’t made his mind about you. Nonetheless, that is a cause for worry, especially if you’ve been dating for a while. Here’s how to make him marry you.

Bring Back the Sparkle

Don’t get it wrong, each partner has to participate in the relationship actively, but when you want to make a man marry you, you’d better check if you’re doing things in the correct order. A man will commit to a woman who continually makes him excited. He will value a woman who “gets” them as opposed to making them feel uncomfortable and defensive. A man will commit to a woman who he can talk or laugh for hours on end without feeling bored. Once you reignite the romance that you once knew in the early days of your relationship, you will be amazed at how every piece will start falling into place, bit by bit.

Offer Something Rare and Valuable

Men are genuinely attracted to women who can offer something more than just the physical attraction. As surprising as it may sound, you won’t make your man commit by providing just mind-blowing sex or wearing clothes that flatter your body. Ask yourself, what else are you bringing into the relationship other than the physical attraction that he holds dear?

A man will share his aspirations, dreams, fears hopes with a woman who woman who inspires him to realize his full potential. Encouraging and supporting your man to pursue what he deems as his purpose is essential in helping take things to the “next level.”

Put Your Worries Aside and Focus on What’s Important

Don’t snoop on your man’s phone, no matter how tempting it is. If you want to make your guy to commit, trust his love for you. He may not be perfect, but when you throw too much at him than he can handle, it will ultimately drive him away from you. Besides, there are better ways of solving issues without causing pandemonium. Be confident and avoid actions that will cause unwarranted conflicts between you and your man.

The rules of how to get a man to commit boil down to making him want you. The more he wants you, the more he will want to spend time with you. Remember, you have to be “whole” in your relationship. Even as you wish to get your guy to commit, don’t be desperate lest he takes advantage of you. Keep reviewing your bond and fix the shortcomings as soon as possible. Most importantly, keep the communication open and constructive.

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