Do You Need a Chest Rig or Plate Carrier?

Chest rigs and plate carriers offer law enforcement, U.S. military, civilians, and SOF with extra utility and protection out on homeland security and operations. The necessities of today’s modern-day operations will require advanced systems which offer users maximum maneuverability and a constant advantage.

There are several considerations you ought to have as it’ll come to buying your chest rig or plate carrier, like the protection and functionality each offer, and which features you will need most. Prior to buying the tactical carrier, it always is critical that you take into consideration the logistics and goal of the mission to make sure that your tactical equipment offers adequate performance within the field. To read chest rig and plate carrier reviews check out Plate Carrier Zone.

Why Select Plate Carriers?

There are many benefits plate carriers provide law enforcement and military personnel. Amongst the leading features to browse in plate carriers is the capability of protecting the top of the body with adjustable loops and integrated straps. Velcro straps and additional adjustable cords provide a user the freedom to form the carrier on the body for a more natural fitting.

While selecting the plate carrier, consider the body height and size to make sure that the panels cover all vital organs. One other design component you should consider while buying plate carriers include the textiles used. As plate carriers are worn for prolonged time periods, make sure that its fabrics are durable and they feature breathable textures that allows air to freely flow into areas in which friction might irritate the skin like on your back and shoulders.

If you’re buying a plate carrier for existing plates, it’s vital that you consider the dimensions of the interior compartments to be certain that the plates will adequately fit. Amongst the most distinct features of a plate carrier is its integration of utility and protection.

Why Select Chest Rigs?

Chest rigs first were used in WWI and became popular with civilians and military to carry weapons, water, and essential tools. These days, there are an increasing amount of chest rigs that have impressive innovations obtainable on the market. Selecting the best chest rig that’s convenient and comfortable might be a difficult task.

Chest rigs first were used to assist soldiers in carrying daggers, swords, and required weapons; while simultaneously acting as the shield to protect soldiers upon the battlefield. Within both World Wars, chest rigs became increasingly popular with Soviets, Americans, Chinese and Vietnamese soldiers to carry gunpowder and guns.

Chest rigs provide a variety of carrying straps and compartments which may accommodate tactical equipment of numerous sizes. The main difference between plate carriers and chest rigs is that a chest rig doesn’t usually offer the body full ballistic protection, yet provides tactical functionality. Normally, chest rigs only provide a user front protection, depending upon the selected chest rig.

The usage of chest rigs in law enforcement or military environments are perfect for loading critical tactical gear such as flashlights, ammunition, communication equipment or command panels with ease. One other typical chest rig feature is its lightweight breathable materials which decrease friction points of the body such as the back and shoulders.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Chest Rigs


The chest rig’s size ought to have a few pouches that have various sizes of each pouch to hold different items. However, the chest rigs might be too small or too big for your size yet can be resized by controlling a secure belt.


The top chest rigs are able to hold at least twelve mags with 4 to 6 open top M4 pouches and additionally a single pouch for a first aid kit. To make sure of the security of mags and additional essential personal items, pouches ought to have non-slip and elastic designed coating. In addition, the pouches’ material ought to be high-quality and lightweight nylon to ensure durability and comfort in use.

Durability and Safety

They’re the most crucial factors of chest rigs. A chest rig should assist in your safety, particularly in dangerous areas or on the battlefield. Most chest rigs already have optional armor for soldiers. Furthermore, you have to select the top chest rig from reputable brands and for an affordable price with a good warranty to ensure long life.


Chest rigs should be lightweight in order for them to move easily. Additional cross-back shoulder straps may be the ideal option because they decrease the pressure on the back and can be used for a long time without risking any back pain.

Should you Get Both?

There are various benefits to picking a chest rig or plate carrier.  It ultimately comes down to user preference, flexibility, and mission requirements.  Every operating platform will have its own special features. In selecting both, it is possible to maximize your tactical abilities while on your next mission, range day or training.