Best Breakfast Sandwich Makers

When you are rushing to get around for work in the morning, nothing makes your life easier than a breakfast sandwich maker. Honestly, though, there aren’t too many sandwich makers specifically designed for breakfast. However, you can easily make breakfast sandwiches on a normal sandwich maker. With this idea in mind, down below you will find five of these types of devices that we selected from Panini Perfect and that would be highly worth your investment.

Option 1: Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast

Hamilton Beach is one of the few companies that make sandwich makers specifically designed for breakfast. Their 25490A Dual model may just be their best. The best aspect of this machine is the simplistic nature. When you open it up, all you have to do choose your bread and layer on the fixings. Once you close it, the sandwich will assemble itself. Better yet, it only takes around five minutes to bake them. Also, you can have two sandwiches being cooked simultaneously. If you ever run out of ideas for what sandwich you want to make, Hamilton Beach included their own recipe book with dozens of terrific options. When you are done using it, clean-up is also a breeze. All of the parts that need to be cleaned after use are removable. So, they can go right in your dishwasher.

Now, it’s time to bring up the drawbacks. First of all, there is no on/off switch. This means that in order to stop the unit from heating, you have to unplug it from your outlet. Also, the timer that goes off to alert you that your sandwich is finished is very quiet. If you are in another room, it’s very easy to miss. Make sure you pay close attention to when your sandwich is almost ready.

Option 2: ZZ 4-in-1 Sandwich Maker

Let’s get this out of the way, the rest of the entries on this list are machines that are not specifically designed to create breakfast sandwiches. However, as mentioned earlier, that doesn’t mean they can’t. The 4-in-1 from ZZ, for example, can do it and a lot more. As the 4-in-1 name suggests, this has four sets of detachable heating plates that can create waffles, sandwiches, omelets and more. All of the plates are non-stick, although it doesn’t hurt to lay oil or butter down. When on, visible to you are the power on and preheat lights so you know when it’s ready to go. When you are done using it, it can also be easily stored in an upright position; making it very compact.

For whatever reason, the first time you use this appliance it smells funky. It seems ZZ knew about this because in the instructions it states for you to not consume the first pieces of bread that you cook on it. Speaking of instructions, they are not well-written. However, the good thing is this is not a complex piece of equipment so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Lastly, there are two bumps in one of the sandwich pocket plates (but it doesn’t affect your food).

Option 3: Proctor Silex Sandwich Toaster

Much like the ZZ Sandwich Maker, the one from Hamilton Beach (Proctor Silex) is perfect for making all sorts of creations: breakfast sandwiches, omelets, French toast, etc. If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, these types of appliances are simple and easy to use. The Proctor Silex is no exception as the grids are non-stick, there are indicator lights to inform you of when it’s on and pre-heated, and it can be stored away in an upright position by locking the handle. It may be more of the same, but if it’s not broke then why fix it?

Again, although there are indicator lights to inform you of when it’s ready to cook, there is no on/off power switch present. It’s amazing how such an easy feature has not been present on two Hamilton Beach sandwich makers. Apparently, they are against them! Also, the plates are not removable in this model. This means that you will have to wash them by hand and cannot submerge them in water. As a warning, be sure to not overstuff your sandwiches. The plates are not very deep, so you need to be wary of that.

Option 4: Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich

The Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Electric Grill is much like the previous two options. It’s awesome for creating sandwiches, but it also is great for French toast and omelets. The plates are non-stick, but (to be honest) you never know how much your food is going to stick. For precautions, it’s always a good idea to cover the surface with oil or butter. Unfortunately, this is another model where you will have to clean the surface plates by hand because they can’t be placed in your dishwasher (if you have one). For exact measurements, the grill measures 9 inches by 9 inches by 3.5 inches. The pockets are advertised as being deep, but there is a funny thing about that.

The cat is going to be let out of the bag; the pockets are not that deep. This means that you will have to make small sandwiches because if you overstuff them, a huge mess will present itself. What happens is it squeezes down on the bread and attempts to cut it. If the sandwich has too much girth, it will push the excess ingredients to the outside of the grill. Thus, you then have a huge mess to clean up. Use this as a critical warning and if you want to make huge sandwiches, you may want to stay away.

Option 5: Tefal Sandwich Maker

At this point in this list, you know the ins and outs of a good sandwich maker. Adding another one is probably just going to make your decision more complicated, but thus I present the Tefal Sandwich Maker. As a bonus to being able to create breakfast sandwiches, you can also make waffles with the interchangeable waffle plates. This, then, means that the plates are removable which creates a simpler washing experience.

When you make a final decision on anything, the negatives tend to come into play more. This is because (most of the time) the positives tend to be very similar. This is the case with breakfast sandwich makers. So, a few areas of concern for the Tefal are its design and latch. Firstly, the latch feels very cheap and may not hold up for very long. However, the biggest drawback is that this is not designed for long uses. Quickly, you will notice it building up a lot of heat. It would be smart of you to use this in short bursts, so if you want to make several sandwiches for your family members you may have to take breaks in-between.

And The Winner Is

Usually, there is not a clear-cut winner. Although all of these breakfast sandwich makers are great, the best is the Hamilton Beach Dual, Sandwich Maker. Undoubtedly, this is because Hamilton Beach specifically designed it to for breakfast sandwiches. However, if you wanted other options (such as waffles) then the other entries would be great. Overall, you really can’t go wrong with any of the above sandwich makers.